IT Pharma Protocols: Hair Mesotherapy treatment with Inbiohair

We introduce a series of videos with the protocols of our cosmetic lines IT Pharma, Ethernium and Inbiotec.

IT Pharma launches a brand new series of visual protocols in YouTube, aimed at professionals in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine where you can see how to apply IT Pharma products. From the device used as Turtlepin, Mesoderm or Dermopointer, as well as the exact mixes for cocktails. A visual ‘step by step’ where it is reflected in a very simple way, how to use the IT Pharma product lines.

In the first video we will see how to make a capillary protocol using Inbiohair, one of the five products of the Inbiotec range. In this case, the device used is Turtlepin, for its simplicity and efficiency. To complement the nutritional richness of Inbiohair, in this case it is proposed as a mixer option with HA and HV Lifting, two products that help to revitalize the area and the hair follicle.

From now on, new protocols will be published every month in which the wide range of available treatments will be covered.