Want to get a lift? What products to use?

Gravity is real, and your skin will suffer from it as you age. 

SO what to do? You could use lasers, an IPL, Botox or fillers.

All these options are decent to good options but if you are going to invest in treatment might as well also take care of the quality of your skin. Botox and fillers are great but they do not address your skin's texture. Sure you could wear tones of make-up to hide damages done by pollutions, suns, acne etc...

If you can address your skin, the loss of volume, and the loss of elasticity at the same time why wouldn't you? It seems to be logical right?

It is always better to combine treatments, but it comes at a cost. If you want to address these three aforementioned concerns order a few sessions of Micro-needling.
Microneedling yes! But not without the right serums! And as mentioned in a previous post the best of the best is ITPharma, and Inbiotec!

Let's see what needs to be tackled: Saggy skin, Loss of Elasticity, Loss of Volume.

Let's now talk about which ingredients would tremendously help you :

  • SODIUM HYALURONATE 1.5% (Acid Hyaluronic): Volume, hydrates your skin and helps your skin retain water and thus increase volume
  • ASCORBIC ACID: Also called Vitamin C, it stimulates natural collagen production and fights aging
  • RETINOL: applied topically treats wrinkles and spots, in addition to improving the texture and appearance of the skin.
  • HEXAPEPTIDE 8: Peptide that relaxes the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines.
  • PENTAPEPTIDE - 18: Developed to combat expression wrinkles
  • SNAP 8: Octapeptide reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions, being a topical alternative to injections.
  • DMAE: Firms and elevates the skin, and prevents it from falling out again. Improves wrinkles and blemishes thanks to its anti-oxidant properties. Effective in treating pigmentation problems. It facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients from the epidermal cells, and protects them from damage by free radicals.

Where can you find these ingredients in serums pre-made to apply during microneedling?

  • Action Face: had retinol, snap 8, hectapeptide, and Vitamin C
  • Renovation Lift: DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, and over 50 other active ingredients
  • HA Lifting: Hyaluronic Acid


If you care about results, as your practitioner to use these products, trust me they are absolutely amazing in delivering results. On top of this, we only work with sterile products, and these are pharmaceutical grade, sterile products.