Cynarin - Diuretic Effect Serum For Cellulite 20 Ampoules of 2ML/unit

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Diuretic treatment solution.

Due to their inherent structure of cellular epidermis tissue, women are more likely to have cellulite. During the last decade, several researches have been trying to explain the causes of the cellulite, what it is been concluded is that linfatic drain is one of the reasons. The result is a dimpled skin that is due to changes in blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, fat and connective tissue.

Several publications – i.e. herbal vademecum (Masson, 1998) – have certified the diuretic properties of Cynara which makes this extract ideal for edema treatments being this a characteristic in cellulite, as well as in obesity cases where there are lymphatic drainage issues.

Ampoules – Box Of 10 Sterile Ampoules Of 5 Ml C / U


Shake the ampoule before use. Use the enclosed ampoule opener (if available with product). Or use wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoulegrasp it firmly, and with a sharp movement snap it open at the lower, colored ring, always away from you. Pour the fluid into the palm of your hand and then smooth over cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Pat gently into the skin, then apply a moisturizing cream.

External use: cutaneous topical application or by electro medical systems.


Aqua, Cynara Scolymus Extract, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hyaluronate.

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