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When a scrub is performed regularly, it restores the physiological balance of the skin, providing youth, softness and radiance, accelerating the natural exfoliation process.

Thus, cell renewal is stimulated, and the skin appears younger and brighter. Exerts a gentle exfoliation, providing a smooth and bright skin.

200 ml bottle


In normal skin, keratinocytes production in the basal layer (stratum basale) is balanced with the loss of cells in the skin surface during the desquamation biological process. When this balance is disrupted, either due to a failure in the desquamation process and / or due to an hyperkeratinization, corneocytes increase their cohesion resulting in the formation of visible flakes in the skin’s surface.

As we age, the horny layer of the epidermis becomes thicker, it is also influenced by other factors such as anatomic location or exposure to UV radiation, and the active and living layer of the epidermis becomes thinner.

The balance of the horny layer deteriorates, metabolism and cell growth slows, decreasing its functions and speed renewal, dead cells tend to accumulate in the upper layers, its decohesive organization does not reflect the light in the same way as a smooth and exfoliated surface, giving a dull appearance and generating an irregular fiber, dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines.


Contains apricot kernels, which remove dead skin cells, Argan oil, which regenerates the hydrolipid film, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea), with soothing and softening properties; Bergamot oil, stimulating, revitalizing and refreshing; beeswax, and Shea butter. It also contains kaolin clay, which absorbs toxins from the skin.

100 % Pure Argan Oil

Ecocert Certificate, extracted from the Argan tree kernel fruit (Argania Spinosa) using only mechanical cold pressure, being therefore a pure active ingredient, ecological cosmetic, chemical-free and deodorized. Argan oil is made up to 80% of essential fatty acids:

50% linoleic acid, 15% alpha-linolenic acid, 12% oleic acid: Biological precursors of intracellular hormones such as prostaglandins (key regulators of different cellular systems, including all membranous exchanges). They stimulate intracellular oxygenation, improving the restoration of the hydro-lipidic film increasing the nutrient content of skin cells and ensuring the necessary skin moisture.

1 %  Arachidonic acid.

3 % Linolenic acid.

5% Tocopherols (Vitamin E): The main representatives of this class of compounds found in Argan oil are alpha-tocopherol or vitamin E (5%), gamma-tocopherol (83%) and delta-tocopherol (12%) which are natural antioxidants and vitamin precursors.

Ferulic acid: It is the compound found in greater proportion. It promotes blood circulation, thereby increasing the arrival of nutrients. Stimulates intracellular oxygenation, neutralizes free radicals and protects the connective tissues.

Phytosterols: Delta-7-sterols are inhibitors of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), largely responsible for acne and hair loss.

Squalene: Present in 25% of human lipids, by binding to the cell membrane, helps to eliminate toxins and neutralize free radicals.

Lupeol: Has anticancer properties and enhances proliferation of keratinocytes which produce keratin in hair, nails and skin.

All these elements give it high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, re-structuring, regenerating and anti-aging properties. Restores skin and protects it from oxidation caused by free radicals


Very pure white clay composed of kaolinite used in cosmetics as an absorbent for oily secretions, moisture and impurities that clog pores and cause the formation of imperfections.It has skin’s softening properties, has a mild astringent action and activates blood circulation effect. Because of its mild exfoliating action, it renews the cell surface of the skin by removing impurities and dead cells.


Shea butter is mainly composed of palmitic acid (2-6%); stearic acid (15-25%); oleic acid (60-70%); linolenic acid (5-15%); linoleic acid (<1%) and an unsaponifiable fraction which gives it a great moisturizing and emollient capacity.

It contains antioxidants such as tocopherols (vitamin E) and catechins (which are also found in green tea). Other specific compounds have been reported, such as triterpene alcohols, with anti-inflammatory properties; esters of cinnamic acids, which have a limited capacity to absorb ultraviolet (UV), and lupeol, which slows down the phenomenon of skin aging by inhibiting enzymes that degrade skin proteins. Shea butter also protects the skin by stimulating the production of structural proteins by specialized skin cells.

Its components give it an intense and lasting moisturizing power, improving skin elasticity for its nutritional properties and its high content of vitamin C, a vital component of cell membranes. It is also an anti-irritant par excellence, very suitable for skin that reddens easily, and with allergic tendency.


Known also as Alba wax, is a highly hygroscopic substance, which retains and maintains skin moisture, taking care of the most dry and sensitive skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic and antioxidant properties. Restores skin’s elasticity, and has a great capacity to retain moisture, keeping moisture in dry and dehydrated skin and lips. It exerts a progressive and durable hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.


Obtained from the fruit peel of Citrus aurantium. It is a citrus fruit with softening, refreshing and invigorating skin benefits. It has healing properties; It stimulates the skin regeneration; It also has exceptional antiseptic properties.


This ancient tea is considered worldwide an elixir of youth. Its powerful polyphenols highly antioxidants, are able to neutralize free radicals, mainly responsible for the skin aging. Its other compounds such as amino acids and catechins, keep protected the skin cells from the oxidation process and promote deep hydration, as a result of increased uptake of water molecules. The skin will be toned and strengthened, thanks to green’s tea extract stimulating action on collagen and elastin.

It has the ability to regenerate collagen and delay aging. Green tea contains basic actives that are of great importance in cosmetic treatments:

Polyphenols: antioxidant properties at the cellular level that prevent the formation of free radicals and repair oxidative damage, making it a preventive substance against skin aging.

Alkaloids: High concentration of caffeine and theine.

Vitamins and acids: el té verde posee vitaminas A, B2, C y ácidos como el ascórbico, el cafeico, el nicótico y el salicílico.

Amino acids: including arginine, glycine, histidine, niacin, serine, theanine, tryptophan and valine.

Minerals: green tea contains minerals such as aluminum, calcium, cobalt, copper, chromium, strontium, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, potassium, sodium and zinc.


Exfoliate once or twice per week, preferably in the morning. 

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