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Designed for facial expression wrinkles. Visibly improves the look of lines, with a special soothing effect for sensitive skin types.

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BOOSTER+ serum: Global optimising serum that offers outstanding results with an intensely moisturizing rich texture.

GLOBAL+ moisturizer: High-performance formula that provides a global optimising care for the skin with a rich texture.



  • Vegan, toxic free, dermatologically tested, should not be used pure, mix with the serums and moisturizers from the RECOVERY or URBAN lines (link a la categoría customizable recovery y urban en la web)
  • Day and night use
  • All skin types

NET 0,14 fl. oz. – 4 ml. e


The ultimate combination of the most advanced ingredients to achieve a de-stressed looking skin. Wrinkles appear softened and skin looks refreshed and toned. Extract based on the combination of Spilanthol, a powerful peptide that inhibits muscle cell contraction thus inducing myorelaxation, isolated from Acmella Oleracea and Tyrosyl-Arginine, a modern neuro-cosmetic peptide that increases the production of opiate neuropeptides in the keratinocytes that counteract hypersensitivity caused by environmental agents (extreme temperatures, itching and rubbing) and decelerates the frequency of transmission of the muscle contraction signals.

Biomimetic Snail (wrinkle relaxing), SYN AKE (known as “snake venom: Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate) (contraction relaxing), ACMELLA OLERACEA (nerve relaxing), ACETYL DIPEPTIDE-1 (proendorphin, soothing)

• Reduces muscle contractions
• Smooths expression wrinkles caused by facial contractions
• Reduces sensory stress

Our line of TUNE IT boosters are products that do not contain emulsifiers; just pure active principles that are not always homogeneous. Therefore, sometimes they might have 2 colors, present micro-particles, or look biphasic (part water – part oil).

They are formulated like this for one reason: these boosters enhance the functions of the serums and moisturizers in our Urban and Recovery lines, thus we don’t add emulsifiers to these products since they are meant to be combined and not used alone. In order to be more efficient, they must be mixed with these products to offer that extra “boost” that targets individual needs.

*images shown on our website and catalogues are 3D renders, and do not show the real color/texture of the product

Mode of use

For all skin types, to reduce the contractions that cause expression wrinkles. With soothing effect for sensitive skin.

Remove the o-ring seal. Remove the cap of the booster, empty the entire content of the booster into the SEPAI cream or serum bottle. Stick the label enclosed on the marked area of the bottle. Shake vigorously before each use and apply onto clean, dry skin.

Use day and night mixed in your preferred URBAN or RECOVERY serum and/or moisturizer. Use only one unit of the same product per base. You can use the Booster twice in the serum and afterwards in the moisturizer to intensify the effect.


BIOMIMETIC SNAIL • A biomimetic peptide by synthesis of a natural conopeptide from venomous marine cone snail (Conus consors).  Biologically, it acts as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission, as well as a potent and selective blocker of the voltage-gated sodium channel Nav 1.4.  Cosmetically, it acts as an instant line relaxer giving a smooth skin appearance.

ACMELLA EXTRACT • Decontracting & Smoothing • A patented ingredient extracted from the upper parts of the Acmella oleracea plant, also known as Spilanthes acmella, a small plant from South America rich in Spilanthol, with decontracting properties. Clinical trials have demonstrated the myorelaxing properties of Acmella oleracea. In Vivo tests have demonstrated that this extract reduces expression wrinkles quickly in a large majority of the subjects. Of the dozen molecules identified, Spilanthol is the primary molecule responsible for the myorelaxation activity by blocking muscle contraction.
Acmella extract is an efficient solution for the reduction of facial wrinkles:
– In Vitro and In Vivo tests show that Acmella oleracea extract precisely and rapidly targets the mechanism responsible for the formation of expression lines.
– Very rapid effect, wrinkle depth is reduced and the skin is smoothed. The effect on the reduction of expression lines is instant.

CALMOSENSINE • Relax promoting & Soothing • Powerful peptide that stimulates, by 63%, the release of endorphins, messengers of happiness, through keratinocytes. The skin, deeply relaxed, looks radiant, gleaming and beautiful. It works by increasing the skin’s tolerance to external and internal aggressions, soothing stress and sensorial tension, and achieving a calming effect due to the stimulation of endorphins that modulate the release of skin neurotransmitters. It is also a powerful inhibitor of muscle contractions.

SNAKE VENOM • Relaxation & Smoothing • Dipeptide that mimics the effect of Waglerin 1, which acts at the post-synaptic membrane. This peptide is an antagonist of the muscle membrane’s nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptor. As these nicotinic ACh receptors are blocked, the ion channel remains closed and there is no uptake of sodium such that the muscles do not contract.



Our formulations are constantly improving, please refer to the product packaging for the most up-to-date ingredient list.

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