• glowy

Having bright and glowy skin may seem like the ultimate goal for most, almost impossible to achieve for some skin types, but today we are going to prove how easy this can be for anyone with a good and consistent skincare routine.

Some of the main issues we will target with this routine are dead skin cells, pollution, dehydration, stress, and oxygenation. All of these aspects can cause your skin to lose its natural glow. Become more radiant and reduce uneven pigmentation in a few steps.

The importance of moisturizing for a glowy look

Moisturizing is always essential, but even more when your goal is dewy skin. Even if you have oily skin, an oil-free or light hydrator is a must to have healthy and glowy skin.

We have three excellent options at Sepai for you to choose from, depending on your needs. The Global(+) creams are global treatments in both a light and rich version, for every skin type. These will give your skin a visibly smoother, softer, and brighter appearance.

Choose a serum

After indulging your skin with a hydrating cream, let the concentrated power of a serum give your face all of its benefits.

Serums contain strong ingredients that can help your skin with various issues, depending on your needs. Achieve that natural but potent glow with Booster+. Target your eye-area with Sublime Youth or EGF Youth Molecule, and if hyperpigmentation is an issue go a step further with Dark Spots.


Customize your routine to the limit

If this amazing routine left you wanting more, we give you the option to personalize your creams or serums with up to three different Tune IT extracts. Choose the issues you want to work on and add the solutions to your routine in less than a minute.

For the ultimate glowy routine, add the v6.12 Bright Pro booster and the v6.11 Glow Pro extract to one of your Sepai products. These brightening extracts not only illuminate your skin but also blur the appearance of blemishes and spots, giving your skin a tensor effect.

As we have shown before, everyone can rock glowing dewy skin with persistence and a fitting skincare routine. Keep doing your best and take as well care of your body like your face with a healthy lifestyle that works for you.