Product of the Month! De-Puff Eyes...

Even though we don’t like to play favorites, every month we will be showcasing one of our outstanding beauty and health products. This month we have chosen De-Puff Eyes part of Sepai’s Elixir line, and we are going to tell you all about it.

There are plenty of reasons De-Puff has been a best-seller since its debut. This vegan, toxic-free serum should be used day and night to visibly tighten, illuminate and eliminate puffiness from the eye contour, under-eye area. De-puff contains a mix of super concentrated, all-natural ingredients that work by draining and improving microcirculation in the area, as well as reducing fat accumulation. The result? Eyes that sparkle and captivate, with a youthful and radiance appearance.

What’s in it exactly, what makes this serum se special? We’ll tell you! De-Puff Eyes contains global skin optimizer and antioxidant -Anti C, fat-burning and energizing Tripeptide-3, metabolizer and fat-burning Carnitine, vasoconstrictor and antioxidant caffeine, toning and astringent Ivy Extract, anti-inflammatory and venotonic Arnica extract, and stimulating and restructuring organic Silicium.

How do you use De-Puff Eyes? Mix the complete content of ACTI-C in the bottle. Shake well before each use, apply day and night on the eye contour area including the upper lid (before your regular treatment). Let it absorb before applying the next product.

TIP (Directly from the Sepai headquarters!) – If In case of need, it can be mixed with LIGHT CIRCLES; just mix one drop of each in your fingertips and apply to the eye contour.

Which other products work best with De-Puff Eyes? We recommend Sepai’s Local + Recovery Rich Eye Cream to complete your eye care routine.

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