Why use Smart Cosmetics?

Inbiotec - What Makes This Line So Unique

ITPharma’s Biotechnologically pro­duced components, such as growth factors, biomimetic peptides and active ingredients of plant and marine origin, is the reason why Inbiotec is so unique to what is available on the market.Smart cosmetics by Inbiotec act selectively and intelligently, single-han­dedly stimulate all the necessary regeneration processes to perfection and act directly on the skin tissue through receptors, behaving as antagonists or agonists of cellular mechanisms and modulating, controlling and regulating their biochemical functions.

  • They stimulate the synthesis of the proteins which form the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibro­nectin and laminin).
  • They enhance and accelerate skin healing. They regenerate and restructure the epidermis.
  • They attenuate inflammatory skin reactions, regu­late the pro-irritating cytokines and protect the DNA against UVA and UVB radiation, while suppressing the activity of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone and melanin synthesis.
  • They inhibit the degradation of collagen and elastin in the face of damage caused by the external environment (UV, pollution, etc.) and aging.


Developed by IT Pharma, SP55 is a peptide which helps the stem cells in the skin increase telomerase activity and, thereby, slow down the molecular clockThe ATM molecular complex naturally detects DNA double-strand breaks, activating a signaling cas­cade which induces the self-repair of the damage, telomerase activity and, with it, cellular protection.

It supplies the essential nutrients, such as amino acids, which the cell stops producing when it en­ters senescence and which it needs in order to live and naturally and effectively repair accumulated DNA damage.

OLIGOPEPTIDE SP55 is a peptide containing 55 amino acids which naturally activates the DNA protection and repair machinery.

The Oligopeptide SP55 provides the INBIOTEC SMART COSMETICS line with an anti-aging effect capable of addressing different aesthetic problems, such as reinforcing skin care and slowing cell deterioration and allowing a much more powerful tissue repair.

For all these reasons Inbiotec is the perfect line to invest in your skin!