Our TOP 3 Face Masks

Face masks are an essential part of our skincare. They not only complement our routine, but sometimes provide that quick fix and rush of immediate satisfaction, when we are tired, dehydrated, jet-lagged, or just in simple need of some extra glow for a special moment, these three masks are what you need. Go ahead, take your pick, try one or try them all.


A magical combination of Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica and tee extracts supply the skin with sufficient moisture and create a hydro-shield that prevents it from over-drying, has an anti-wrinkle effect and leaves you with a healthy and radiant complexion. You will feel its chill as it works its magic, perfect for fighting jet lag and recuperating your skin after a night out!


Glow Recharge has a powerful mix of camu-camu extract and jasmine enfleurage that nourish, illuminate and revitalize the skin like no other! This mask works wonders to recover the luminosity of the skin. It deeply nourishes, recharges and regulates the hydrolipidic barrier and restores stressed skin to achieve a revitalized look. Red carpet event or gala tonight? Make your skin the star with our Glow Recharge Mask.

Revitalizing Moisturizing Face Mask by Mademoiselle Agathe

Revitalizing Moisturizing Face Mask reinflates your skin’s hydric mattress. Thanks to its five active plant ingredient complex and snail filtrate, it provides softening, protective, nourishing and revitalizing properties as it is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Plus, 99% of its ingredients are natural, and it is made from 50% snail extract, which is a very high concentration. We recommend weekly usage for constant skin replenishing.